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Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Christmas Gifts

Just finished these up last night! I was "snowed" in.....we're getting a Nor'easter. Not a lot of snow, mostly ice and rain. Ugly, messy, YUK! My northern friends are getting all the snow, I think! Anyway, since we stayed in last night, I had the opportunity to finish these up.

I purchased these cute little tins from Specialty Bottle, but Nicole Heady also sells them on her site. These are just 4 of the 12 that I wrapped in last year's designer paper and ribbon. There are 4 different paper designs and I made 3 of each for my co-workers. The tags are CASED from TexasGrammy. (Thanks, Bev!) I'm really very happy with the way they all came out. Gee, I miss Cranberry Crisp and Taken with Thyme....last year's "In Colors." They were just perfect for Christmas!

Each tin was filled with my world famous, homemade Toffee. OK! Maybe it isn't "world famous," but it's something that I make every year and give away as gifts. AND each year, I have those same people looking for it again and again. (See recipe below.)
NOTE: The Toffee was placed into SU Medium-sized Cello Bags and then placed inside the tin.
To make the Toffee, you'll need a non-stick saucepan, a jelly-roll pan, and a candy thermometer.
1 cup butter (do NOT substitute)
1 cup sugar
2 Tbsp water
1 Tbsp light corn syrup
3/4 cup sliced almonds
6 oz. pkg. chocolate chips
Crushed walnuts
Place the 2 sticks of butter in your saucepan and melt. Stir in sugar and boil. Add water and corn syrup and stirring constantly cook over medium-high heat to 290 degrees (F). When you get close to the 290, the mixture will thicken slightly and darken in color.
Remove from heat and stir in almonds. Spread immediately onto a lightly greased* jelly roll pan. (Mixture will NOT completely cover the surface.) Sprinkle with Chocolate Chips** and let sit for a few minutes so that chips can soften. Spread melted chips over toffee base and sprinkle with crushed walnuts.
Refrigerate at least until chocolate has hardened. Twist pan slightly to release and break into pieces. Keep in refrigerator until you are ready to use/serve.
HINT: I use the wrappers from the sticks of butter to grease the jelly-roll pan. It's just enough without getting too greasy.
NOTE: This recipe was given to me by a neighbor. I do not know where it came from originally.

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