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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Glossy vs. Whisper White Cardstock

First, I want to thank you all for your sweet comments about my Autumn Fest card. It's always good for a girl's ego to know that you are enjoying the posts!

Sweet Miss Daisy (aka: Anna Wight) asked me if you can achieve the same look with both Glossy and Whisper White CS when using the Versamark Resist Technique. Maybe others want to know the answer to this as well? Well, the answer is that you CAN brayer ink over top of a versamarked image to achieve the Versamark Resist, but with different results........

With the Glossy CS, the ink just glides over the paper. The colors from the Spectrum pad blend smoothly and easily because the ink does not dry immediately. There is a richness from the Glossy CS that you just don't get from the Whisper White.

Whisper White CS grips the ink more easily because it dries so quickly on this cardstock. The colors don't smooth out as easily and can be a bit blotchy. (See where the Olive and Mustard inks meet.) It also takes more effort to color the CS with your brayer. Notice the images below......when brayering over a Versamarked image, the image isn't quite as clear.

BUT, a few Conventions ago....maybe 2 years ago?....we were shown Versamark Resist on Whisper White, but a solid ink was used. It's just as fun, just a bit more work, with a noticeably different result. So why not get those brayers out and try it out for yourself?


SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

oooooooh, thanks so much for the post, and the awesome photo!! =) -Anna.

Clear Cards said...

Comments are always encouragement for the blogger. If you done a good job then you deserve the appreciation. I like you this one post as well. I hope you carry on work like this.


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