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Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Square Scallop Square Die Bags

Hi, there! Yes, it has been a very long while since I've posted anything. My apologies! But, I have come to a decision.......I always feel guilty when I post something if I have not met a challenge that I usually take part in. And truthfully, there really are only 2 Challenges a week that I try to meet. Sometimes my week is so full....with various projects that I've committed to completing, and, well, just everyday know, life! So, my decision is that I will try to post much more regularly and if I meet a Challenge, then it's a bonus....if not, oh well. I'm no longer going to stress over the small stuff...right?!
And there have been a few projects on my son's wedding invitations have been completed and mailed. Whew! And then I had promised myself that I would make these two bags to give as gifts for some very special people in my life who had early February birthdays.....and I only just finished them and gave them last Friday! YIKES! I'm so lame!
Fortunately, the ladies loved them, and said they were worth the wait. This first one in burgundy is probably my favorite size. It was given to the mother of a good friend and sister demo....her Mom's birthday was February 4th. So, since it was for a senior I thought these prints would work well. I loved the color combo when I saw it in my local quilt shop and they have a bit of a vintage feel with those small floral prints. It's a great size for carrying just that little extra something.
This next one was a challenge in itself! It's 4 squares tall and 4 square wide and has a number of pockets inside....which were the "challenge!" This one probably uses my favorite combination of printed fabrics so far...what do you think? It just may be the perfect size for traveling to various stamp-related meetings and there's even room inside for swaps!
Oh, and I used the extra squares from the maroon printed bag along with a few left overs I had from my last projects and made a wine that was FUN! Of course, I don't have a photo....I put a bottle of wine in it and brought it to my sister's house, where I spent last weekend.
So, that's a recap of my most recent projects. I have to admit that I have also been stamping....and I'll share some of those things very, very soon!
Thanks for stopping by and for your patience!

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Jeanne Nielsen said...

The bags are beautiful! I love both prints, but yes, the black is my favorite too. How did you do the wine bag? 3 squares up on each side? I'm only guessing since my square just came this week and I haven't had time to play with the die yet. Did you make it a drawstring, or just fold it over? I never thought of anything outside of the purses/totes! Lovely!


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