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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Big Shot is NOT Just for Paper!

Do you remember when SU first began marketing the Big Shot? We were told that this amazing machine could cut all sorts of products. To be honest, I've used mine only for cardstock...that is until recently. If you are a reader of this blog, you may remember the Rag Bag Purse and totes that I made some time ago. (You can see those posts here and here.) As you can see, I've made the transition of using the Big Shot for fabric! If you were to Google "Quilting with the Big Shot," you would likely find some amazing projects.

Well, I'm not really a quilter, but I can get by with a sewing machine. So, I've been using my Scallop Square Die in the Big Shot with fabric to create various projects. This past Saturday, I attended a gathering for demonstrators sponsored by my upline's upline.....and I was asked to demonstrate quilting. Boy was I ever nervous....but my presentation actually went OK! To prepare, of course, I needed ideas and samples. I brought my purse and totes, made a simple set of coasters, an ornament, and THIS....a Fall-themed table runner. When I pulled this out of my bag the ladies were so excited.

So, here is a photo of that runner....I wanted to share with you as well! As you can see, this was made with those scallop squares as well, but this time, the rows run on the diagonal. If you tilt your head a bit to the right, you'll see what I mean! I used 3/4 of a yard of calico for the leaf fabric squares; 3/4 of a yard for the green fabric squares; and 1 1/2 yards of a brown fabric for the bottom, which you cannot see (the underneath, which is solid). This was so easy to create and lots of fun to make....but in order to get that raggy-type edge, you need to clip the fabric in between each scallop...and this took quite some time. It wasn't really too bad, though....I did it in an evening in front of the TV and was done before I even realized it!

The only SU products used to create this were the Big Shot and the Scallop Square die. The fabric and the cotton batting were purchased at my local quilt shop. If you have any questions on how to create your own, please e-mail me and I'll try to answer your questions!

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Michelle VanWiggeren said...

This is awesome! I'm going to have to try to make one, too! Would love more instructions if you wouldn't mind.


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