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Friday, May 9, 2008

Arte Y Pico Award!

I've been Tagged....again! Whenever a tag comes, it's always a compliment, but this one even more so!! This time, another demo and sister swapper, Rhonda Beadell, sent me this "tag" seems to be one that must be "earned." Truthfully, I'm just beyond words....Rhonda makes the most creative cards (they are always THE BEST!!), and her scrapbook pages are always a work of "heart"....simply amazing! AND SHE is sending ME an award...and said such nice things about me, too!! (Thank You, Rhonda!!) Well, what can I say?!! I'm just blown away!!
Ok, so here's how this award, or tag works:

The recipient chooses five blogs that are deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and who contribute to the world of bloggers. This tag came to me a couple of weeks ago, and it has taken me all this time to choose just 5 blog sites.....that was really difficult since there are just so many wonderful sites out there to visit!! So, without further adieu, here's my opportunity to "pass it on," or share with you some really awsome bloggers.....

Of course, there's Rhonda. I know....this doesn't count as one of my five, but you have just got to visit her blog! Great stuff there, although after receiving some of her things, I'm not sure that seeing her ideas on screen really does them justice!

Then there's Annette....She sent me the last "tag," and I already linked her site, but in case you missed it, you just have to stop by and see some of the awsome projects she has posted. Always beautiful, always creative, you won't be sorry you took a peak!

And I just discovered Karen Barber's blog not too long ago. So happy to see her on the blog scene.....I've admired her stamping style almost as long as I've been a demo! Her creations are truly lovely, and she's just a pleasure to listen and talk to, or read about. She's actually in my upline...kind of a "great aunt" in the line up. I've missed her creative inspiration since she moved to Ohio. Karen doesn't post everyday, but when she does, you will be WOWed!

Oh, and I can't forget about Stefanie. She's been a bit quiet lately, as she is a brand new mom (Noah was born in mid-January.), she's juggling work, family and stamping right now! Her work has a casual elegance, and she makes everything seem like it was a breeze to create. Stef's watercoloring is incredible.....truly lovely things there!

Toni's blog is another favorite....she doesn't go for a lot of frills and bows, but she makes the plain and simple seem remarkable! Oh, and she's probably the "queen" of DTP! (direct to paper) Toni's work is fun, just like she is!

And, Melanie....I can't forget Melanie! Her work is just spectacularly stylish and classy. Whether she's decorating her home, a card, or another project, her work is simply outstanding.

Last summer at Convention, I met Margaret for the first time. She's a lovely, gracious lady and a hugely talented and creative stamper.....her blog has become another must-visit spot. Margaret's creations are elegant and've just GOT to visit!

Hope you'll enjoy visiting these lovely ladies and their awsome sites. Their work is as varied as their personalities....but they all create the most amazing things!

( I can't count! I goofed and added in 6 blog sites....but can't decide who I should take off. So they all stay!!....have fun.)

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Margaret said...

WOW, Barbara, thank you so much for the lovely words and nominating me for this award! How very kind of you; I'm very honored!


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